Roulette Bets and Payouts


Roulette is an amazing game of luck! It offers lots of thrills when the wheel spins. Betting on roulette can be done in many ways and some players even have strategies to help them win big.

To make sure you enjoy your bets and succeed, you should know your chances of winning and how much you could win depending on what you bet and the type of bet you place.

We have all the details in our guide about roulette payouts and odds. Read on to find out the odds each bet offers plus tips for placing bets at the Roulette table.

Types of Bets

Roulette tables have a range of bets you can make. Inside and outside bets – it all depends on the kind of Roulette you’re playing. This section explains the various bets and their respective odds. Have fun!

Inside Bets

Inside bets in roulette are placed on single numbers, a range of numbers, or a combination of numbers. These bets may have different payouts:

  • Single Number Bet is a Straight Bet or Split Bet, just one number. It pays out 35:1. A $10 chip wins $350.
  • Split Bet is two adjacent numbers. This inside bet pays 17:1. A $10 chip gives you $170.
  • Street Bet is 3 consecutive numbers. It pays 11:1. Every $10 gives $110.
  • Corner Bet covers four numbers. It’s also known as Four Number Bets or Squares. 8:1 odds. A $10 chip earns an eighty dollar prize.

Straight Up

Straight Up is the easiest Roulette wager. Bet on a single number, and if it’s landed, you’ll be rewarded 35:1. Remember though, the Straight Up bet only covers that one number – no extra wins from it. If you want to win more, add some Inside or Outside Bets. That’ll increase your chances of scooping a prize on each spin.


A split bet is a type of single number bet in roulette. You place two chips on two different numbers which are adjacent to each other on the roulette table. If the ball lands in a pocket outside of your number range, you lose both bets. You get 17 times your stake back along with your original stake-money if you make the correct guess.

Split bets are easier to strategize than other types of roulette bet. It requires the player to narrow their selection down by two numbers and offers higher returns. Players who use split bets increase their chances of winning by using outside bets like columns, odds/evens, etc. Split bet strategies also allow for a more consistent stream of profit due to its use in covering sectors and/or numbers.


A 3 Street bet is when you wager on three consecutive sets of numbers. If the ball lands on any of your chosen numbers, then you will receive 11 times your stake amount as winnings.

It is important to remember that 3 Street bets must be placed during an active game session. This bet can be made after the first spin. You can also add or remove chips during the game. If you have the funds, then you can make multiple street bets.


The .4 Corner Bet, also known as a ‘Leprechaun’s Rake’, is placed on four adjacent squares. Simply place your chips at the corner of the four numbers. The bet is placed in the inner part of the roulette table. It pays out 8 to 1 and has a house edge of 5.26%.

This bet covers the following number combinations:

  • 0-1-2-3
  • 1-2-4-5
  • 2-3-5-6
  • 3-4-6-

The payouts depend on where you place your chips and where the ball lands. Typically, it pays out for two of these combinations: 0–1–2–3 and 3–4–5–6.

Six Line

A “.5 six line” bet is a wager liked by many. It pays out 17/1 odds. This bet covers 6 numbers within the roulette wheel. It’s 2 adjacent rows of 3 each. To make the .5 Six Line bet, put chips on the inside border between the 1st and 2nd, or 3rd and 4th columns. On a US-style wheel, that’s lines between 1-4, 2-5 or 3-6. If any number in either row wins, you get the 17/1 odds.

You can place several bets across each spin. This ups your chances of winning whilst still giving potential payouts if one of your numbers comes in.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are on the edge of the roulette table. They normally pay less, but offer more chances of winning. Pick one and bet!

  • Odds or evens?
  • Red or black?
  • 1-18 or 19-36?
  • Dozen?
  • Or columns?


At the roulette table, you can choose to place a “1 column” bet. This bet pays out more than an even-chance wager and covers twelve numbers in one column. It is placed on one line at the side of the table in either the 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 area. This bet pays out at a 2:1 ratio.

This bet is better than other roulette systems. It gives higher payouts without sacrificing potential winnings, like inside, outside, street, or corner bets. Also, you can make multiple 1-column bets at once on various sections of the table. This way, you can spread out your numbers for bigger wins with smaller amounts wagered.


The .2 Dozens bet in Roulette is an inside bet, where a player places twelve numbers on the table. The numbers are either 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Also, it is important to state which dozen you want before the croupier starts spinning.

Payouts depend on the casino. In general, these bets pay 11:1 if your number is the next spin of the wheel. If you have placed a ‘double’ Dozen, you will get paid 5:1.

To make this type of bet, go to one of the outside betting boxes. Place chips in either one or two boxes marked “1st 12”, “2nd 12” or “3rd 12”. This is an exciting option for those who want to win big with a small stake!


Red/Black bets are the most basic Roulette wager. They are placed on either red or black spaces. If you win, you’ll get paid out 1x your original bet. For instance, if you bet $5 and correctly pick red, you’ll get back a total of $10. That’s your $5 bet plus $5 winnings. Red/Black bets are popular because they’re easy to understand and have good odds.


Betting on even or odd numbers in Roulette is a 50-50 chance. Players bet on either the high 18 numbers, the low 18 numbers, black, red, or even or odd numbers.

If you make an “even” wager, there are eighteen even number spots that could win you money. If any of these spots land, you will get double your stake back. But, if the ball lands on 0 or 00, it’s known as a “loser“. On American wheels with two zeroes, even bets will lose, as they’re not considered even numbers.


Roulette – a casino game that depends on luck. House edge differs based on the type of bet. Knowing the payouts is key to optimizing success. Let’s take a look at the different bets and their payouts:

Inside Bets

Inside Bets are placed right on the numbered part of the Roulette table. You can pick a single number or a bet type on a number. Chips are placed in the inside section of the layout.

These bets offer bigger payouts but more risk. Here are some of the more common ones and their payouts:

  • Straight Up Bet: 35:1
  • Split Bet: 17:1
  • Street Bet: 11:1
  • Corner Bet (also called square): 8:1
  • Five Number Bet (only in American Roulette): 6:1
  • Six Line Bet (also known as double street): 5:1

Outside Bets

Outside bets in roulette are the 18 numbers outside the main grid. They’re known as “even-money” bets as they offer a 1:1 return on your original bet. Examples are Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low numbers and Dozen Bets/Column Bets (2-to-1 payout).

If you bet $5 on a column, your individual bet size is $1.67. If you win, your total return is three-times this number. This means you get a 1:2 payout ratio and double your original bet amount.


Thus, roulette is a game of probability. It requires no expertise. Various wagers are available, each having its own level of risk and payoff. Therefore, the ideal way to approach it is to make little bets on the spots where your odds are most favorable.

If you wish to aim for the jackpot or just have fun, gaining knowledge about the game will help you when you bet at the roulette table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the most common type of bet in Roulette?

A1: The most common type of bet in Roulette is the Red or Black bet, which pays out at even odds (1 to 1).

Q2: What is the maximum payout in Roulette?

A2: The maximum payout in Roulette depends on the type of bet you are making. For example, a Straight Up bet pays out at 35 to 1, while a Corner bet pays out at 8 to 1.

Q3: What is the house edge in Roulette?

A3: The house edge in Roulette is 5.26%. This means that, on average, the house will win 5.26% of every bet made.